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Fallout Shelter, the hit Fallout mobile game released by Bethesda. Though mobile gaming is still seen as a strictly causal affair for many hardcore fans out there, games like Fallout Shelter are changing the conversation a bit by creating games that are easy to pick up and play, are difficult to master, and bloody impossible to put down until you realize your legs have fallen asleep on the toilet. And like any Fallout game, it is packed with a surprising amount of references. One aspect of Fallout Shelter that has a lot of fans excited is the chance to see weapons and characters from Fallout 4 early.

One of the new weapons in Fallout Shelter, called the Laser Musket was even featured in the Fallout 4 trailer . Many believe this gun to be based on the Laser Musket seen in the often overlooked 2002 Disney animated film Treasure Planet, which took place in a *slightly* less depressing future than the one found in Fallout. Another weapon from Fallout Shelter has an interesting connection to Boston, the setting of Fallout 4. According to the gun’s ingame description, the Mean Green Monster is “possibly the cruelest hightech weapon ever made by humankind”. This name actually comes from a Boston icon, the Green Monster . This giant green wall has stood in one form or another in the legendary Boston baseball stadium Fenway Park since 1912. It’s infamous among Red Sox players and fans for stopping potential home runs dead in their tracks. So it’s not surprising that it inspired one of Fallout Shelter’s most feared Boston-inspired weapons.

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There are many recognizable outfits to be found in Fallout Shelter. After all what Fallout game would be complete without a set of Mad Max armo r? But that’s not the only outfit that references a popular film series. The “ Horror fan ” outfit is, of course, designed to bear a resemblance to the famous slasher movie villain Jason, from the Friday the 13th series, but it goes a bit deeper than just the look. The outfit also gives you incredibly high endurance, a reference to Jason’s knack for living through just about anything…even space and a terrible reboot . That’s not the only notable outfit. When wearing the very rare “scifi fan” outfit you will be given a pair of Spock ears and bonus intelligence points, presumably thanks to your increased Vulcan logic. Also, there is the “ Surgeon outfit ”, which can be used exclusively by female characters and includes a blue shirt and brown cargo shorts, this is thought by some to be a reference to the original design style of gaming legend Lara Croft.

For an entire new generation of moviegoers, Tom Hardy IS Max now, so it only seems right that the Fallout series give the new Mr. Rockatansky a shoutout given the series’ longstanding love for the Mad Max franchise. This has led some fans to speculate about what may be one of the most subtle references in the series: the character Todd Hardy . Now, the similar name is obvious, “Todd Hardy” is just a few letters away from “Tom Hardy”, but what about the strange luchador mask that Todd is wearing, what does that have to do with Tom Hardy at all? Well, this is thought to be a reference to the character Bane that Hardy played in 2012 movie The Dark Knight Rises. While portrayed very differently in the film, fans of Batman comics will know that the character of Bane started out as luchador, and his comic book counterpart wears a mask very similar to the one in Fallout Shelter. So there’s a good chance the character is a very subtle and awesomely nerdy reference to the actor. So sure, Fallout Shelter is no Fallout 4. But it is a great game for those itching to jump back into the wasteland and gives players a unique and different approach to the series. It may be a small side project from Bethesda, but if we’re lucky it will also be a game that helps change the landscape of portable gaming into something a little more inventive and interesting. You thought you knew Fallout, but hopefully you’ve learned just a thing or two more.


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